Beauty is in the details

I think sunsets are beautiful. People too. But what I find really beautiful -truly noteworthy- is the tone of voice in which my nephews call my brother “Daaad”, the lengths my mother would go to fix the broken parts of my heart, the way my Papaw’s eyes light up when he’s laughing at his own jokes or at a memory from his youth, my step dad’s smile when he’s in Key West or eating a mango, my Auntie P’s face when she looks at her children, how at peace my Grandma Flo looks sitting on her porch on Virginia Street, the way my Dad comes to life when singing an old blues tune in his shed, how tightly Grandma Bonnie hugs her grandchildren and even those children that are not blood related to her. True beauty goes beyond vibrant colors or a body type.



Remember to let it burn

I want you to remember that your definition of happiness is not universal. That skies are not always blue, but gray can be just as beautiful. That you can never miss something you never had and to find comfort in knowing you were not, and will not always be, alone. That no taste, no smell, no sound is the same to you as it is to others and that in itself is a beautiful thing. I need you to remember how small you are, but how big your voice is. Remember that a passion burns inside of you for a handful of different things and with that you can blaze a path to a life you love waking up to. Burn, baby, burn.