saying controversial things just for the hell of it

i had a dream i stood beneath an orange sky and sure enough woke up to see a storm brewing on the horizon. same outfit, same routine. thought you’d have evolved but you’re exactly the same you’ve always been.

what was it halsey said…you can’t fill that hole inside of you with money, drugs, and cars? oh i feel so sorry, oh i feel so sad? i just know clout chasing can be real addicting and baby you’ve got it bad.

eyes darting like if i caught yours you might burn to the ground. me the fire breathing dragon, you rapunzel in her castle. never saw your lovers climbing in our window but in hindsight i wouldn’t put it past you.

maxing out 1975s “love it if we made it” probably because we knew deep down we couldn’t. probably knew one of us would sacrifice peace for perception and one of us wouldn’t.

don’t need a truth or dare to say out loud or in ink how much i loved you, how you brought me worlds closer to who i thought i wanted to be. but go ahead and tell ‘em, tell ‘em the things you told me.



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