Lost and found

Inspiration comes from living, from getting out of your bed and into a dress you haven’t worn since before you knew love could strip you of so many things. Things like sexy dresses, a sense of humor, and the need for adventure, terrified of what might be at the other end of something as simple as a good laugh. But you find your way back. You find your way to a new restaurant, a new hair cut, to an old view with a new set of eyes. You’ll see new things in old spaces and you’ll realize the world didn’t stop while you holed up to mourn your losses; it kept going. You have to keep going. Go far, go hard, and when you’re feeling really lost, go back to where you started.


Bright and beautiful

This morning I was asked what my favorite thing about the universe is and the truth is I like that I can have my universe, you can have yours, she can have hers, and still, there’s room for all of us. The universe has a place for each and every one of us and I think that’s all we can really ask for.