Month: January 2016

From Eden 

Sometimes when I look at him I have a hard time imagining all the life he lived before me because he fits so perfectly in this life we have now; the world of “us” and “ours” and Friday nights in that make a night out in New York City lose all of its appeal. 

Spring always comes eventually

Fall used to remind me of a boy in gray sweatpants driving around East Lansing, Michigan where the world seemed so big and my future so certainly suburban. But now it’s skyscrapers and skylines you see on postcards and people who do what they say and say what they mean and mean it when they say they love me. Fall, like that boy, used to take me from blooming, to wilting, to frozen-freezing-and most often numb to all feeling for an entire Winter’s time. But now Fall reminds me of a girl who wasn’t sure she could, but certain she should try. And she did, and she tries every day to be better than she was the last time and every Fall since has reminded her how good it feels to let the dead things go.