you’ve got mail

If I could, I’d tell you how I drink wine in the dark in hopes to drown you out, but I see you in the shadows and streetlights and so you fill my mind and the room regardless. I’d tell you there’s a word for the way you make me feel, it’s just so rare and felt by so few we haven’t heard it yet. I’d say “come closer”, “hold me tighter”, “don’t leave”. I’d thank you; with words, with warm silence, with my body. I’d take shelter in your arms and stay for as long as you’d let me. I’d tell you how every time I see you my whole body smiles, how you make my every nerve buzz like bass coming through a speaker. I’d tell you I’ve never felt more seen, more acknowledged, more decrypted. I’d say “i missed you”, “color me in”, “fill me up”.



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